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Warehouse Concrete Floor Coating

The floors in warehouses and other industrial spaces need to be tough, demand minimal maintenance, and should work to enhance the safety of the environment. That might sound like a tall order to fill—until you learn about our superior warehouse floor coating that is proven to offer these and other benefits.

The rugged conditions in warehouses include extreme temperatures, heavy machinery and equipment, spills, and more. When concrete floors are left untreated, these rugged conditions cause dust from the concrete to be stirred up. The result? Besides being unhealthy, this circulating dust can quickly lead to damaged equipment and other issues.

Our concrete coating eliminates the issues of dust buildup and will exceed performance expectations in even the harshest warehouse conditions—for years!

Trusted Concrete Coating Company

24 Hour Floor brings 30 years of industry experience and a commitment to earn 100% customer satisfaction to every job. We understand that not every warehouse is the same, so we assess your specific requirements and make recommendations about which of our warehouse floor coating products will meet them best.

We offer several quality concrete coating options including:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings: This product is self-leveling, so it’s a smart choice if you have a very large space. The low-odor flooring is also chemical- and abrasion-resistant and offers remarkable durability. An epoxy concrete coating is also UV stable, so direct sunlight won’t damage the floor. Add a textured surface to maximize the safety of workers by reducing the chance of slip-and-fall accidents.

  • Polyurea Floor Coatings: Many warehouses are not climate controlled, and a polyurea warehouse floor coating performs very well in extreme temperatures. Quick installation and cure times mean that you’ll experience minimal downtime. Plus, a long recoat window makes this durable flooring a cost-effective choice. As with our other coatings, a textured surface can add that extra element of safety you want.

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Contact 24 Hour Floor right now to learn more about our premium industrial floor coating solutions. You might be wondering how long it takes to complete the installation. In most cases, the project only takes one or two days, and you can typically resume regular use within 48 hours. Give us a call for more details, or fill out our online form now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

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24 Hour Floor Reviews

Jason K.

These guys did my 3 car garage and I am totally amazed. The prep was much more involved then I realized, which is why the product has the lifetime warranty. Floor came out amazing and the follow up without any solicitation from me was impressive. - Mr. Hard to Impress. :-)