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Factory Concrete Floor Coating

Whether you produce electronics or automobiles, it is important that you maintain a professional and safe factory. Like many, you might believe that concrete is the ideal flooring material for this type of industrial setting, but the fact is that concrete surfaces can contribute to health and safety risks if not properly cared for and treated.

Instead of letting cracks, chemical spills, or concrete dust put your employees in harm’s way, you can avoid these risks by installing a factory floor coating. Although you may be tempted to take a DIY approach to save money, you shouldn’t attempt this project on your own if you want the best possible results for your investment. Instead, why not sit back and relax while the award-winning professionals of 24 Hour Floor can do the hard work and guarantee the results you deserve?

Factory Floor Coating Products for A Safer Workplace

As an OSHA-certified company, 24 Hour Floor knows all about the importance of health and safety in the work environment. For that reason, you can count on our experts to understand the unique needs of your factory and help you maximize the benefits of your concrete coating. You can sit down with any of our designers to discuss the conditions of your factory so that they can recommend the strength, texture, and style that best meets all of your needs.

What’s the best part? Regardless of your preferences, you can expect the following benefits to accompany any of our factory floor coating products:

  • Minimized Downtime: Don’t worry about missing a beat in production because our 24-hour curing time will have your factory back up and running in no time!
  • Increased Safety: You can choose our slip resistant textures to make your factory a safer place for everyone.
  • Low Maintenance: With a solid, non-porous surface, your floors can be effortlessly wiped clean of any grease or chemical spills that could be a hazard to your employees.
  • Impressive Durability: Our proven formula is tough enough to resist damage that comes with a harsh factory setting, including abrasions, chemicals, and heavy vehicles.

Ask About Our Factory Floor Coatings

Do we have your attention yet? Then reach out to 24 Hour Floor today to get started with installing an industrial floor coating in your factory. We have several helpful representatives ready to schedule your consultation or answer any of your questions. You can also fill out our online form with details of your project to request a free quote with no obligation to use our services.

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24 Hour Floor Reviews

Jason K.

These guys did my 3 car garage and I am totally amazed. The prep was much more involved then I realized, which is why the product has the lifetime warranty. Floor came out amazing and the follow up without any solicitation from me was impressive. - Mr. Hard to Impress. :-)